Drupa Virtual 2021

We invite you to visit our virtual stand at Drupa 2021
You can find us here!

We are a young company with an experience of over 25 years in the manufacture of machinery for the printing industry.

About tectuprint

Innovating in printing sollutions

Now, arrive new times and new needs that make us develop new concepts and new ways of producing and printing finishes, we are specialists in providing finishing lines, peripheral equipment for offset printing industry and adding digital web finishing components , cutting, stacking, processing, infeed and perforation units are, some of the modules that we develop, but also manufacture digital heads holders groups and transport paper groups.

With a staff of 12 workers, very agile and flexible with a good investment in R & D.
We have representatives in different countries we also, TECTUPRINT is fully aimed at the modernization and adaptation to the needs of each client.

Stacker 520 ST in action!

The Stacker 520-ST can run from virtually any host machine.
The Stacker is a compact module that is placed in the output of your machine. Comes from the paper through the tapes, is inserted within the star, leaving gently onto the pile stack.