Stacker 520-ST

The Stacker 520-ST can run from virtually any host machine

Stacker 520-ST

Stacker 520 ST


  • Maximum web width: 520 mm (20”)
  • Minimum web width: 200 mm (8”)
  • Weight of paper: 60-220 gr.m2
  • Size sheeter: 6”–16”
  • Pile stack delivery maximum: 1000 sheets 70 gr.m2
  • Maximum speed Single cut: 160 m. min.
  • Single and double stream production

The Stacker is a compact module that is placed in the output of your machine. Comes from the paper through the tapes, is inserted within the star, leaving gently onto the pile stack.

The connection is very fast in front of your machine, through an encoder.

The advantage of this machine is that you can stack the material even if it is integrated or adhesive backing support.
The Stacker, Incorporates the possibility of having a variable gab, which allows to position the spiral to the arrival of the sheet, although this is a different size..

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