MultiCut MU-520

The most important

Is a variable module output level, designed to be adaptable to the vast majority of rotating machinery market, with new generation of digital software, allows you to vary the cut in the format needed, to beams of a cell reading.

This cut will be in size from 8 "to 24" variable, with the possibility of flying cutting, allowing as speeds, we can make different cutting formats without changing the cylinder.

The flying cutting, makes the cutting cylinder, stays at rest while the paper moves and when the signal comes, the cylinder speeds to make the cut.

The feed may be via paper web continuously, with tension, or by drag (tractors) and even without tension by a dancer allowing, place the cutter to the output from any Collector, Continues or Rotary Offset machines.

The dancer girders connection or encoder is fast and accurate, and position changes in different lines are a matter of few minutes, allowing having this equipment according to the needs of manufacturing.

The output of the court toward the tee, sometimes served in a High pile stack.

The drilling position is doubled, is equipped with cylinders of variable size, from 11 "to 14", allowing to produce perforations on one side in position 1 and position 2 can produce perforations on the other side independently. The perforator cylinders are either horizontal magnetic type for steel plates or conventional type cutting pipe character, which are mounted in supports rapid change. Vertical perforations for continuous drilling is done in a separate position on the inlet side of the unit and can be equipped with any number of wheels drills, for drilling vertical selective recommended magnetic plates.

Each horizontal drilling is controlled separately by reading marks on the edge of the paper in a free field